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    • 13 Dec 2017
    • 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
    • Holiday Inn Airport - 9931 Interstate Commerce Dr. Fort Myers, Florida 33913

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    What is Behavioral Coaching?

    The coaching process starts with understanding what makes a particular employee tick. Behavioral assessment tools, such as ProScan®, can uncover the hidden potential of an employee by identifying the individual’s personal strengths and motivators, as well as responses to workplace stressors.

    While a low-performing employee may be better suited for a different position within the organization, many medium performers can be coached to develop character traits which will help them be more successful in their current positions. They likely possess most of the behaviors needed to perform the job well but would benefit from training in a particular area.

    Effective coaching is not formulaic. It must be individualized. Good coaches will use information from behavioral assessments to customize a development plan personal enough to promote change for a specific employee.

    Who Needs a Coach?

    Every person in your organization can benefit from personal development. Even those at the top need coaching.

    Executives are under a considerable amount of pressure. They can benefit from a coach who knows the business and understands its politics but also understands the psychology behind personal success. Executives often seek coaching in the areas of problem solving, decision making, time management, conflict resolution, leadership, effective communication, public speaking, and delegation of responsibilities.

    A successful coach will determine the relationship between personal behavior, organizational culture, and industry demands. As the market changes, old strategies and tactics become obsolete, requiring leaders to continually develop new skills. Relying on familiar patterns of behavior often leads to “blind spots” in judgement which may be corrected through candid feedback. Coaching redirects the executive toward tactics and behaviors which drive effectiveness.

    Steve Gaudreau is the co-founder and President of Brink Results, LLC, which is a training and consulting firm that assists clients in obtaining measurable results in their training, hiring, and management practices.

    After a 10-year career in operational and sales management, Steve became a training consultant with one of the major firms in the management development segment of the training industry. In 1992 he co-founded a training firm called POWER, Inc., and served as CEO until 2005. While at POWER, Inc., Steve developed a national reputation in a wide variety of industries and especially in the automotive after-service sector. From 2006-2011 he individually consulted, authored two industry best-selling books, and wrote dozens of columns for various business magazines. In 2012 he co-founded Brink Results with Jacquelyn Bridge, his partner in several ventures since 1992.


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    • 10 Jan 2018
    • 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
    • Crowne Plaza - Bell Tower, Fort Myers, FL (See Map Below)

    Please join us for our January lunch meeting! 

    The Emotional and Physical Benefits of Humor in the Workplace

    This fast paced humorous presentation is peppered with personal anecdotes and real life experience. Yvonne provides insights into the trials and triumphs we face at home and in the workplace. She has met personal challenges- major career changes, death, illness, divorce and single parenthood with unshakable optimism, deep faith, and a sense of humor. She brings laughter and encouragement, delighting her audiences as she offers life-changing material.

    A seasoned motivational humorist, Yvonne takes good clean real-life experiences and adds a delightful serving of laughter helping her audience to discover how thoughts, feelings and behavior can affect work performance, relationships and personal success. This is a common sense no-nonsense and hysterical look at life.

    Over 80,000 people throughout the country have attended this hilarious, interactive, educational and inspiring session. Find out how humor and joy:

    Improves Communication, Stimulates Creativity, Builds Confidence, Promotes Good Health, Encourages Problem Solving, Reduces Stress, creates team spirit and company morale, Helps to Overcome Fear, Increases Productivity, Prevents Burnout.

    Yvonne Conte is a keynote speaker and author who has attracted clients such as Merck and Medeva Pharmaceutical' Xerox Corporation, Time Warner, G E Global, Continental Tire, Lucent Technology, AT&T, AARP, and over 700 other leading organizations.

    Her speaking typically includes 60 keynotes a year at major conferences. Her publishing credits includes over 28 articles and essays and five books including best seller, Serious Laughter (Amsterdam-Berwick Publishing) which has been translated into Chinese. Her books have been on the curricula at Monroe Community College and Corning College. Her career has taken her to 31 states and 7 countries.

    She is a member of The Corinthian Club, President of the Westvale Neighborhood Watch, and partner at The Syracuse Vineyard Church. She has volunteered for the Arthritis Foundation Joints in Motion, Heart Association Heart Run, Vera House and Gilda Club. She served on the Monroe Community College Foundation Alumni Council and as Director of The Vineyard Art Show. She lectured for Communication Classes at Monroe Community College, is the founder and CEO of Humor Advantage, Incorporated and creator of “Humor Advantage Pay It Forward Program”. Humor Advantage is a member of Greater Fort Myers and Greater Syracuse Chambers of Commerce.

    Yvonne is proud grandmother to three handsome boys and she once appeared nationally on the popular ABC daytime talk show, The Caryl and Marilyn Show as a silly old woman who talks to an iron.

    Yvonne says:

    The difference between those people who consistently make their ideas work and those who say, "Now, why didn't I think of that?" is their ability to make creativity happen instead of leaving it to chance!



    Cost for Students: $15

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